Web Design Trends for 2019

In the article “10 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2019”, by Lennart de Ridder, the author describes the recent patterns he has noticed in the newest and best websites. After reading the article, I noticed that I have seen this trends all over, and they are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. To start off, one of the trends he mentions is “serifs on screen”. This is outside of the norm for web design because most often is it known that serifs are used in print, and san serifs are used on web, however, this trend is breaking that rule. Most often, when I hear imagine thin and beautiful serif fonts, I immediately think of fashion. I have notice that fashion brands are translating this serif from their print magazines to their websites. For example, vogue is sticking to their tradition didot font on their website as well as in print.Screenshot 2019-02-25 19.13.11.png

Another popular trend, that I have been using in my designs as well, is using “Black-and-white palettes”. In my opinion, using a black and white palette, especially in web design is incredibly pleasing, sophisticated and elegance. In addition, another popular trend is “minimalism”. I have noticed this can be incredibly popular for the sleek look. The website for Creative Park follows both the black and white palette and minimalism style. Screenshot 2019-02-25 19.17.58  In addition, another trend noted was natural and organic shapes. I have seen tons of this is recent design. I believe this is so popular because of the simplicity of the look. The website, Built By Buffalo, does any incredibly successful job at creating this organic shape look. Screenshot 2019-02-25 19.24.27.png

Finally, a trend that I too have been using is glitch art. Glitch art has become incredibly popular in the best year, I have used it in video production as well as photo editing. Joanna Szproach is known for her amazing web design and glitch art. Screenshot 2019-02-25 19.28.15.pngOverall, there are various upcoming trends for 2019. I hope to incorporate these into my future work as well.

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