Chunking in web design

Chunking is described as ” In the field of user-experience design, ‘chunking’ usually refers to breaking up content into small, distinct units of information (or ‘chunks’), as opposed to presenting an undifferentiated mess of atomic information items” (Neilson Norman Group). Therefore, chunking is used in web design all the time to allow the viewers to have a easier time processing and remembering the information. Chunking can be incredibly beneficial because it eliminates the feeling of being overwhelmed by so much information. One of the way web designers use chunking to their advantage is by chunking text. One form of chunking is spilt large amount of text into small paragraphs with white space in between, this is visually more appealing and relaxing. Another way this is used is through chunking with hierarchy. With hierarchy on a website, a view can understand where to look first, what is most important and then can lead them to where they want to navigate to on the website. Finally, chunking is used with number because it easier for individuals to remember chunks of numbers rather than an entire single string of numbers. Overall, there is a clear importance of chunking in web design because it breaks up the information for the viewer to feel more at ease when using a specific website.

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